Conference topics

Presentations and sessions at the PLATE 2019 will cover the following topics:

Circular Economy

  • Increasing complexity in value circles
  • Transformation to circular business models
  • Historical examples for circular economy
  • Cultural change in organisations
  • The role of cooperation and transparency in value chains

Sustainable consumption

  • Sufficiency in product consumption
  • From fast fashion to slow fashion
  • The role of lifetime labeling
  • Product attachment
  • Individualisation and lifestyles
  • Consumer practices leading to short and long use-times
  • Awareness for longevity

Sharing economy and collaborative consumption

  • Examples from product sharing communities
  • Long lasting products as commons
  • The Meaning of Having
  • The role of social networks

Policy, regulation and legislation

  • Policies to regulate lifetimes
  • How to design an architecture of responsibility
  • Global challenges and national solutions
  • Role of lobbying from corporations and civil society

Repair, DIY and maker communities

  • Empowerment of consumers
  • Grassroots innovation for sustainable production
  • Fostering competences and creativity in DIY communities

Premature obsolescence

  • Product lifetimes in a historical perspectives
  • Lifetime prediction and lifetimes prognostics
  • The case of planned obsolescence
  • Lessons learnt from industrial obsolescence management

Ecodesign and resource efficiency

  • Modular product design
  • Life cycle assessment and product lifetimes
  • Ecodesign education and training
  • Miniaturisation as a challenge for ecodesing
  • Business models and servitisation

Obsolescence 4.0 – Digitalisation and product lifetimes

  • Smart technologies and smart products
  • Software obsolescence
  • Digital social innovation for longer lasting products