PLATE Conference 2025

We look forward to seeing you at PLATE 2025.
The 6th Product Lifetimes and the Environment Conference

Aalborg University, Denmark, 2nd – 4th of July 2025

Registration for PLATE2025 is not open yet

Welcome to the 6th international PLATE conference (Product Lifetimes and the Environment). PLATE has been running since 2015 and has successfully been able to establish a solid network of researchers around its core theme. The topic has come to the forefront of current (political, scientific & societal) debates due to its interconnectedness with a number of recent prominent movements, such as the circular economy, eco-design and collaborative consumption.

The 2025 conference will be organized by Aalborg University, and we look forward to hosting you at the university, which is located right by the waterfront in the heart of Aalborg, Denmark.

At Aalborg University, we believe that knowledge can and must change the world. Our search for knowledge is always in concert with the wider world, engaging with real problems and missions to achieve sustainable solutions. These missions are the driving force behind our work. With Aalborg University’s problem-based approach to research, researchers help solve challenges and achieve new insights across traditional disciplines with the common objective of creating a sustainable world.

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