Plate Keynotes 2017

Keynote speakers:

Kirsi Niinimaki, Associate Professor in fashion research, Aalto University, Finland)

James Pierce (Lecturer at UC Berkeley and the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA),

Deepali Sinha-Khetriwal (Associate Programme Officer at the United Nations University)

Ruud Balkenende (Professor in Circular Product Design, TU Delft, Netherlands).


PLATE 2017 embraced a multi-disciplinary perspective including design, geography, history, anthropology and culture, technology, business, economics, marketing, consumer behavior, law and public policy. Contributions addressed the following and related themes:

  1. Design for product longevity
  2. The role of product lifetimes in resource efficiency
  3. Product lifetimes optimization
  4. Cultural perspectives on the throwaway society
  5. Circular economy and product lifetimes
  6. Business opportunities, economic implications and marketing strategies
  7. Consumer influences on product lifetimes, including repair and reuse
  8. Policy, regulation and legislation