Upcycling as a design strategy for product lifetime optimisation and societal change

Han S., Tyler D. and Apeagyei P. Department of Apparel, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK Keywords: upcycling; textile waste; design; production; sustainability. Abstract: Designers and product developers are taking greater responsibility for the problems presented by the inefficient and unsustainable systems used to create new fashion items. The culture of transience, newness and perceived obsolescence, […]

The joy of vacuuming? How the user experience affects vacuum cleaner longevity

Harmer L.(a), Cooper T.(a), Fisher T.(b), Salvia G.(a), Barr C.(a) a) School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK b) School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK Keywords: user experience; product longevity; brokenness; vacuum cleaners; cleanliness. Abstract: An apparent reduction in the average lifetime of vacuum cleaners […]

Global perspectives and translations of consuming clothing waste in the present

Hill H. (a), Taylor R. (b) and St.John-James A. (a) a) Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK b) Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK Keywords: clothing waste; second hand clothing; sustainable design; consumerism. Abstract: The mass consumption of clothing has resulted in collection charities such as Oxfam exporting unwanted second hand clothing to markets in the Sub-Saharan […]

Routes for extending the lifetime of wind turbines

Jensen J.P. Department of Planning and Development, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark Keywords: lifetime extension; wind turbines; environmental impacts; circular economy; lifecycle assessment. Abstract: Resource depletion, resource efficiency and circular economy are all terms that have gained attention recently. Extension of the product lifetime is one of the key strategies to strengthen the circular economy. Wind […]

Handled with care: repair and share as waste management strategies and community sustaining practices

Kalantidou E. Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia Keywords: repair; share; waste management strategies; design; community building. Abstract: Waste is progressively prevailing but persistently ignored in conditions of abundance and material comfort; unquestionably, that which the modern discourse of living standards especially in developed societies has generated, is an inability to confront the consequences of an ever-accelerating […]

Hardware hopes: examining emotional connections to computers through creative story telling

Keyte J. Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK Keywords: attachment, keeping behaviours, value, emotion, technology, empowerment. Abstract: Hardware Hopes is a qualitative research project initiated to explore the personal and emotional side of our relationships with computing devices, by inviting people to tell the stories of the devices they own (e.g. laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets), […]

A framework for understanding the role of product attachment in enabling sustainable consumption of household furniture

Ko K., Ramirez M. and Ward S. University of New South Wales, Australia Keywords: product attachment; product lifetime optimization; industrial design; sustainable consumption; household furniture. Abstract: The study presented in here focuses on sofas to investigate the role of emotional product attachment with a view to reducing premature replacement of furniture products. A framework of […]

Age and active life of clothing

Laitala K. and Klepp I.G. National institute for consumer research (SIFO), Oslo, Norway Keywords: clothing life span; longevity; product lifetime; active use. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide data on clothing concerning life span and length of active use period, as very little information is available. The article is based on a […]

Transitions in waste treatment as a driver for product life extension

Lauridsen E.H. and Jørgensen M.S. Centre for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transition, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark Keywords: destabilising incineration regime; emerging shredding regime; refurbishment and reuse initiatives; ambiguities in waste management practices; refurbishment initiatives as transition mediators. Abstract: Increasing amounts of energy are used for provision of resources. Recycling, refurbishment and reuse practices are recurring […]

Cosmetic wear and affective responses in digital products: towards an understanding of what types of cosmetic wear cause what types of attitudinal responses from smartphone users

Manley A.H.G., Lilley D. and Hurn K. Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK Keywords: emotional durability; wear; tribology; product obsolescence; attitudinal response. Abstract: The manufacture of electronic consumer goods involves the consumption of a variety of materials. The outer skins of electronic goods are commonly manufactured using materials such as metal, plastic and glass. These types of […]

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