Information about the PLATE 2023 conference

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PLATE 2023 final schedule Conference app The conference program is accessible through a mobile application. The Eventos-application can be downloaded through this link, or by searching “Eventos Mobile” through an application store. The pin code for the PLATE2023 conference is 7885. If you are not able to access the app, you can find the timetable, sessions, workshops, and exhibition …

PLATE2023. Registration closed.

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Due to a high interest in this year’s PLATE conference, the conference is full and registration is closed. Thank you for your high interest!

Special Issue submission: Resource, Conservation, and Recycling Journal

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The Product Lifetimes and the Environment committee would like to welcome articles from the PLATE2023 conference as well as original research and review articles as a special issue in the Journal of Resource, Conservation, and Recycling. Deadline for submissions is: 31 October 2023. Please see below for additional information including submission guidelines and topic areas. You can also find this …

2023 PLATE keynote speakers: Thomas Nyström, Anneli Selvefors

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Two new speakers have been announced for the PLATE 2023 conference: Thomas Nyström and Anneli Selvefors. Together, they will address Future Adaptive Design – designing products for circular business models. You can check their biography here, along with other already announced keynote speakers.

Registration information

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PLATE2023 is mainly meant for participants whose papers have been accepted for presentation. You have to write and submit a long paper according to the guidelines and deadline and you have to register and pay the registration fee to reserve a presentation slot at the conference. If you have co-authored several papers, make sure that each paper will be presented …

2023 PLATE keynote speaker: Paula Sarsama

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A new speaker has been announced for the PLATE 2023 conference: Paula Sarsama. You can check her biography here, along with other already announced keynote speakers:

Circular Economy Journal

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It is clear that our future economic system will be to a large degree circular. What is not clear is how to get there. This special issue calls for papers that focus on how a circular economy approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) might be leveraged to mitigate EU dependencies from critical products, components, and raw materials across sensitive value chains (please see EU industrial strategy 2020).