Notes on the new “look” of our website.

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If there’s ever a good time to make changes to a website, the run-up to a conference is definitely not one of them. That being said, we decided to do this anyway because frankly, we couldn’t really think of another “better” time only worse.

As we wanted to be offline for as short a time as possible, there may still be minor errors, such as broken links, that we need to correct. We are aware of any inconvenience this may cause our visitors and would like to apologize in advance and hope for your understanding.

Circular Economy Journal

Hilda Niemelä Special issues Plate 2023

It is clear that our future economic system will be to a large degree circular. What is not clear is how to get there. This special issue calls for papers that focus on how a circular economy approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) might be leveraged to mitigate EU dependencies from critical products, components, and raw materials across sensitive value chains (please see EU industrial strategy 2020).

International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles

Hilda Niemelä Special issues Plate 2023

This Special Issue seeks contributions that help fully articulate how clothing users extend the life of their clothes and address the problem of textile waste. We invite research studies and conceptual or theoretical papers that provide new understanding of clothing users as agents of change and how usership is fostered.