Presentations and sessions at the 2019 PLATE Conference will cover the following topics:

Product lifetimes and product design

  • Product lifetimes in a historical perspective
  • Modular product design
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Lifetime prediction and lifetime prognostics
  • Lessons learnt from industrial obsolescence management
  • Education for ecodesign
  • Miniaturisation as a challenge for ecodesign
  • The case of planned obsolescence

Circular Economy and circularity in business

  • Historical examples for circular economy
  • Circular Economy and globalization
  • Circular Economy – overcoming the economic growth imperative?
  • Rebound effects of the Circular Economy
  • The role of cooperation and transparency in value chains
  • Local, regional, global value circles
  • Transition to circular business models
  • Cultural change in organisations towards circularity

Sustainable consumption

  • Sufficiency in product consumption
  • From fast fashion to slow fashion
  • The role of lifetime labelling
  • Product attachment
  • Individualisation and lifestyles
  • Consumer practices leading to short and long use-times
  • Awareness for longevity

Sharing economy and collaborative consumption

  • Product sharing communities
  • Long lasting products as commons
  • The meaning of owning
  • The role of social networks

Repair, DIY and maker communities

  • The empowerment of consumers
  • Fostering competences and creativity in DIY communities
  • Grassroots innovation for sustainable production
  • Enhance interconnectedness between DIY communities
  • Open knowledge, open design, open data, open source…

Policy, regulation and legislation

  • Policies to regulate lifetimes
  • How to design an architecture of responsibility
  • Global challenges and national solutions
  • Role of lobbying from corporations and civil society

Obsolescence 4.0 – Digitalisation and product lifetimes

  • Smart technologies and smart products
  • Software obsolescence
  • Digital social innovation for longer lasting products
  • Data security, data privacy
  • Product monitoring – Consumer observation and manipulation in a surveillance economy?

Other PLATE related topics

  • We welcome additional submissions not directly fitting under the listed topics
  • Please make sure that product lifetimes and either environmental or social sustainability feature clearly in your proposal. For example, analysing social effects from longer or shorter product lifetimes may be in scope, while purely economic sustainability viewpoints may not be suitable

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