Track 8.2. Multi-level policies for longer lifetimes


Track 8.2. Multi-level policies for longer lifetimes

Session owners:
Jessika Richter and Carl Dalhammar (International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University) and Aline Maigret (Repair&Share).

It is increasingly clear that longer product lifetimes will not eventuate by changing consumer demand and business models alone. Policies are needed to incentivize longer product lifetimes through provision of information, mandatory regulation, voluntary procurement policies, pricing externalities, etc. In addition to different types of policies, a multi-level approach is needed for policies on the international, regional, national, and local levels.

This session would encourage transdisciplinary contributions from a range of academic researchers and other stakeholders evaluating policies and examining policy-relevant issues.  Examples of topics could include:

  •     Experience of local policies for longer lifetimes and role of municipal authorities
  •     Policy coherence and policy mixes
  •     Evaluation of policies for reuse, durability and repair