Personal mobility is an essential need in consumer lives. Many consumers travel between work, leisure and shopping locations using private cars. Although cars are long-lived products, during their life cycles they serve one set of users at a time for a limited number of miles (kilometres). All types of cars deliver severe environmental impact: petrol and diesel cars with their exhaust emissions, whilst electric cars and ultra- low emission vehicles demand energy and disseminate brake and tyre particles whilst in use, which may end up in waterways and humans and animals may breathe these particles in. At the same time, the manufacturing of cars and other vehicles draws resources and materials. Electric cars for example require several elements for their batteries and mining these materials is damaging to the environment. At the end of their lives all vehicles – cars in particular – present considerable issues in their disposal, such as the need to dispose of lubricants and other toxic materials.

This session aims at attracting contributions to knowledge on strategies to reduce the number of vehicles in circulation and the impacts of private cars and other vehicles during their life cycles as well as maximising the value they generate. Some areas for attention may include:


  •       Business models such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a resource efficient shared mobility offering that enables users, through smartphone apps, to access services that integrate multiple means of transport such as shared cars, bicycles, and public transport, instead of private cars. MaaS promises use of single vehicles by multiple users during their life cycle
  •       The challenges to the diffusion of business models such as MaaS
  •       Design of vehicle components for recyclability
  •       Modular design to enable the maximisation of cars’ life cycles (the “million miles’ electric car”)
  •       Design of vehicles that can be alternative options to cars
  •       Change in social practices that can maximise the longevity of a range of personal vehicles

Session owner: Dr. Maurizio Catulli, University of Hertfordshire

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